Commonly Uncommon

In a world full of desire and hunger for fame, everybody today, is trying to do something different. Everyone is constantly looking to walk a little different from the crowd. The wish to be unique is so strong among people today, that they are ready to experiment anything and everything. But what one does not realize is that, in the quest for being unique, they all once again end up being part of the larger common crowd.

What was considered to be a little different from the others, a few years back, is today a very common thing? Here is a list of things you may NOT want to do if you do not want to be part of the herd today.

  1. Quit your job and start-up on your own

There was a time when this was considered to be a rare thing, not anymore. Every alternate person is now quitting his job to begin on his own. Well, it does make sense to do it, if you have a good idea, from which a large section of the society can benefit. But, if you are looking to do it as this is now the new cool, then you may want to know, you are doing nothing different from the rest of the crowd. Well, if you are about the money, then, there is a good chance, you may make more with your stable job than at your new “business”. Give it a second thought rather than rushing in.

  1. Higher studies abroad

Of course, this makes sense to all those who want to pursue their education further and learn more. And I am in no way against people being academically inclined either. But let’s face it, the number of people who choose higher studies abroad, because they want to “study” is very less. For the rest of the others, it is all about being in a new country, away from home, with no strings attached. You may think you are one of the very few taking this route, but truth be told, the statistics state otherwise. Unless you really want to take up that course that has really caught your interest, you can skip this “higher studies in a foreign land” plan, to find something much better, aligning with your career goals, right here. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.

  1. Royal Enfield bikes

If you do not believe me that this is not a rare thing anymore, all you have got to do is, take a look on the road near you and count for yourself the number of people riding this machine. There is of course no denying that the vehicle is a masterpiece and a dream to ride on. And not to forget the fact that it is Indian made. But there are other things that you may want to consider before going for this big buy, like the weight of the vehicle, the price, and the overall maintenance cost. Most importantly, to what use are you going to put this vehicle to? If you are looking for a bike to travel to your office every day or to visit your friends and family in the city, there are other bikes of different brands that could serve the purpose well. Reconsider your investment!

  1. Quit your job and travel

Your friend Suresh did it, your second cousin Deepika from Mumbai did it, that school friend Ramesh did it, Sharma uncle’s son did it and now you want to too. All in the name of wanderlust. But before you hop on board, try considering some blunt realities of this “Wanderlust” will you?

You are not enhancing any skill that would actually matter to you in the long run unless you plan on spending your life like a nomad. The internet and current movies have romanticized and glorified solo travel beyond necessity. In case you have forgotten your travel will require money and in today’s world, you will have to work and earn it. Away from friends, family and the society sounds rosy initially, only to turn darker with every passing day.

Your early adult life is the time when you have a lot of energy and positivity, is this how you want to spend it? Like a nomad? Away from the ones that matter?

The comfort of familiarity over adventure is a charm in itself.

  1. Short films

The guitar happened, which was followed by DSLR photography and now there is this, short-film direction. The number of short movies that are seeing the light of the internet today is overwhelming. This is now the trend with Indian college students. Everybody wants to direct a short film or act in one. Well, who doesn’t like to feel like a star? This is the easiest way to achieve it, isn’t it? Well, looks like it. But there is a horde of people doing this, even as you are reading this bit. If you really do have a story that you want to tell the world, prepare yourself better for it before you start making your so-called movie. Making a movie is no joke and it needs a lot of investment, financially, emotionally and physically. Read up on it, speak to people who know this art, do your research and then step into the arena, informed, rather than just picking up that camera and shooting from the very first minute.

  1. Drawing the drapes on a long-distance relationship

We all want to take up things that are convenient for us, don’t we? Same is the case when it comes to our relationships as well. Even with the advances in technology, we do not want to put in efforts, to keep a partner a few miles away from us. If you want to call it quits with a boyfriend/girlfriend because you are moving to different cities or countries, then this is a reminder that crores of other people in the world are doing the same. If you really do want a different and more beautiful life, you should probably try going old school, stick to your man/woman, no matter what the odds. Make it work, love with no conditions. Not because this will make you look different from the rest, but because this is going to bring a lot of joy into your life, making it all the more wonderful.