Villages – The Soul Of India

India is an agriculture country. It is a land of villages. About 70% of its people live in villages. Hard work, plain thinking, and simplicity are the qualities of villagers. The charm of nature proves the remark of the Mahatma Gandhi, “The soul of India lives in its village.” People living in villages lead a very simple life. Mostly they are involved in agricultural work or animal husbandry. Villages are the main source of providing grains and so many daily needs of us. Despite that, they have a poor standard of living. They do not get returns enough for their hard work. They bear hot weather and heat of land where other parts of our nation rest in air-conditioned houses.

We find purity in everything in villages. Neither air pollution nor noise pollution. People enjoy incredibly beautiful nature like the singing of birds, flowing rivers, soft sounds of breeze. We get fresh breath there. In spite life in the village is very hard. Sometimes it is a lack of facilities. People live in there are satisfied with what they have. Some villages have government water supply facility where some villages have the only sources of water are hand pumps and pods.

Kids in villages are not able to get the higher education. Even when there is a school, it’s unsatisfactory. Teachers are not well qualified. But now our government is taking steps for bright future of kids in villages. There is also a lack of specialized medical services. Villagers are mostly cheated by people who give inappropriate treatments.

Villagers are deeply religious. They worship a number of gods. Sometimes they are highly orthodox and for that purpose, they don’t allow themselves to allow any changes in their lifestyle.
Villagers have deep bonding with their social life. They are very cooperative and interdependent. They help each other for their needs. They do not need social mediums like Facebook or WhatsApp to be connected with each other.

Life in villages is not as fast as in cities. The population is also less in villages compared to cities. There is more peaceful life in villages than cities. If I were given a choice, I would prefer to live in the village. Nowadays, a government has taken so many steps for improvement and development of villages. Let’s hope, the problems in villages, poverty of people will vanish. We really feel proud on our farmers living in villages and other villagers who take limitless efforts.