Top 15 Scary Paranormal Mysteries At Schools

  1. Pocatello “Poky” High School

If the name “Poky” High School isn’t creepy enough, wait until you hear what happens inside this most haunted of schools. Security surveillance cameras are to thank for the eerie recordings of the paranormal events at the high school in Pocatello, Idaho. Paranormal activity was caught in full effect during a school holiday, with everything from spastic lights flickering to a creepy grayish ghoul standing in the midst. The utterly frightening event was reported in the Idaho State Journal. The report stated that the lights began to flash sporadically, while a figure transitioned from a sitting position against a wall to the bathroom, only to come out of the bathroom shortly later and traipse down the hallway out of view of the security camera. This wasn’t the first paranormal encounter at Poky. A former school principal, Don Cotent, tells of several occasions when, late at night, something like a broom handle banged against the floor below him, jarring him from his work. Shaken, he would stomp his feet and yell at the poltergeist for disturbing him. Other incidences reported by teachers and students, alike, include a ghoul in the rafters of the gym, a mysterious piano playing – with no pianist in sight –, a shadowy figure hanging around the auditorium, and ghostly noises throughout the school, all completely unexplained. An investigative team suggested that the paranormal activity could be connected to six deaths from a fire in the original school building, which burnt down in 1914. Whoever is haunting the building, they’re sure doing a good job of it.

  1. El Paso High

The high school in El Paso is as scary as they come. This school is haunted by the spirit of a girl who once committed suicide there. As her ghost does on occasion, the girl is said to have jumped over the balcony to the hallway. People have seen her paranormal image do the same, but before it reaches the floor, the ghost vanishes. There is also said to be a strange mist that hangs over the hallway where she was found. The haunted school has classrooms hidden underneath the building, a strange gooey substance that seeps from the ceilings, and misty hallways that, at times, must be sealed off. A ghost has even been caught on camera. In 1985, the graduating class took their annual photo. The image turned out blurry, but the ghost student is pictured, dressed all in white, standing amongst the other students. Official reports indicate that “no one was standing there when the picture was taken, nor can the female in question be identified.” Spine-tingling, am I right?

  1. Carl Schurz High School

Constructed in the early 1900s, Carl Schurz High School holds a lot of history…and most of it is scary. Apparitions, strange sounds and smells have all been witnessed at this school, so much so that a paranormal team went to investigate the matter. Using a device called “Andy’s Box,” which allows ghosts to speak through radio station scans, the team entered the library and went to work. They identified how many spirits were in the room – six – and the name of the spirit who was speaking to them – Stephen. Andy’s Box works a little like an Ouija board. It interpreted the spirits as they began to grow angry. The energy in the room altered severely; it now seemed threatening. Stephen told the investigative team that he was sick and hot. They asked if the spirit wanted to tell the crew anything. In response, the spirit screamed, “I’ll kill you!” Though the encounter didn’t end happily, no one was harmed. Being that expletives aren’t allowed on most mainstream radio stations, we can be sure that it was a real ghost to which the crew was speaking.

  1. Residential School

In April 2011, a paranormal team was sent to a residential school to investigate some alleged paranormal activity that had occurred there. One of the investigators on the scene was setting up equipment when she experienced “one of the scariest experiences” of her life. On the fourth floor of the school in the dorm where the schoolboys resided, the investigator was already feeling her spidey-senses tingling as she helped install security camera DVR cables from the window of one bedroom to the part of the school that her team had designated home base. To set the scene, it was a bright beautiful day, and the investigative team, as well as members of another team, were standing outside, photographing the school and assisting in the cable installation. The investigator in question was the only one inside the building. As she fed the cable outside, she heard a window bang shut in another room and footsteps approaching the room she occupied. “Who’s there?!” she demanded as the unknown approached. A male voice mumbled as he drew closer to the doorway. And then the door, which stood ajar, creaked slowly closed. She screeched in panic. She knew the history of the ghost that is said to have haunted the residential school; the ghost of a man who used to torture and kills the schoolboys who lived there. For a moment, she considered jumping out of the fourth story window. But before it came to that, her team rushed in to save her. The residential school had seemed some ugly things, so who knows what evil could have possessed her had her team not been on the ground to come to her aid?

  1. St. Michael’s Institution

This renowned school is a gem of Ipoh, Malaysia…but it has a terrible history. The school was built in 1912 and was once home to the Japanese secret police. Not only was the school their headquarters and a food storage facility, but it was used as torture central in Malaysia during World War II. Tunnels in the buildings doubled as torture chambers and food storage halls. Nowadays, ghosts are said to haunt these halls. In particular, one ghost stakes out the fourth floor of the chapel. Here, a brother has been spotted, donning a black robe, seated toward the door to the brother’s quarters, and praying with prayer beads. Oh, and one more thing: he’s got no head. Although you probably wouldn’t want to run into any ghost at all, a headless one has got to be on the wet-your-pants scale of scary.

  1. Lambertville High School

The small rural town of Lambertville, Delaware is full of mystery and history, but Lambertville High School is the key to the eeriest and paranormal history of all. Founded in 1854, the school was renovated in 1927. A little over twenty years later, it closed after a terrible fire tore through the building. Fires seem to be a common theme when it comes to paranormal events. Ever since its closure, folks have been reporting paranormal activity from the abandoned school. In one room is some seriously creepy chalkboard artwork. But that’s not the scariest part. People claim to have heard a girl’s blood-chilling scream coming from the third floor of the building. Others have reported footsteps dragging through the school at night. Those who haven’t had the guts to enter the building in the dark claim to have heard laughter sounding inside at precisely midnight. Most people claim that the source of the laughter is the souls of those children lost in the fire. There’s yet another story about a football player, Billy, who lost his life during a game at Lambertville High in 1935. It’s said that this young footballer was tackled and never got up again. His neck had snapped, and his head was turned all the way around from the impact. Fast forward twenty years later to 1955. A group of boys was hanging out at the abandoned school when they told the story of the Buckeye who’d lost his life there. They decided to challenge the boy’s spirit to race across the football field. A cold breeze answered and, frightened, the gang of boys began running across the field. Two of them lost their lives that night. It’s said that when the corpses were found the next day, their heads were turned all the way around. Don’t mess with Billy, the Buckeye, at Lambertville High, or you may just meet the same fate.

  1. Little Daycare Ghost

One daycare worker was skeptical about stories that a ghostly little boy haunted the school…that is, until she saw him, herself. She’d long been told that the little ghost boy confused the staff at times as to how many kiddos were actually present. They’d do a headcount of the children waiting for their parents to come pick them up, and there would sometimes be one more head than was necessary. But still, the daycare worker didn’t believe. Then one night, the day before the school year started, she, a friend, and the friend’s husband were setting up her kindergarten classroom. The husband, who had been outside, came in around 8 PM and told the pair that a little boy was outdoors. He believed the boy was the son of the teacher’s co-worker. He’d talked to him but was answered with silence. As it was growing cold and dark, he said the co-worker should probably bring him inside. He was met with a blank stare by the co-worker in question. Her son wasn’t at the school. But the man saw the boy standing at the back door and wondered why this co-worker would allow her son to play outside at night. He asked her again to bring him inside. The co-worker finally said that her son was at home, and when the man turned around, the boy had disappeared. A short while later, security cameras and an alarm system were installed around the school. The surveillance tape caught a door opening and closing at around 3 in the morning, with no one visible on the footage. Gotta say, there’s nothing spookier than a child ghost.

  1. Pennsylvania State University

The centuries-old university in Pennsylvania is home to several different buildings, each the center of its own paranormal activity. The Keller Building, for instance, was haunted by a poltergeist in the 90’s. When one student came screaming from his room at the dorm, teachers went to investigate. Even though his room had been locked, other students had reported loads of noise coming from within and, when they opened the door, they found the room in complete disarray. Some say a student had once committed suicide in this room, and the student’s ghost still haunts the place. The basement stacks of the Patee Library are also the favorite haunt of Betsy Aardsma, the spirit of a woman who was murdered in the building in 1969. Students have reported spying glowing red eyes, apparitions, and screams amongst the stacks. Some have even seen these apparitions walk through walls. A particularly unlucky student felt a ghost grab her by the neck at night. Pretty scary stuff for a boring old library. The stories surrounding Brumbaugh Hall are some of the creepiest on campus. An ax murderer is said to have entered the hall on Halloween night and killed a pack of teenage girls. Although no records of this occurrence exist, students tend to skirt past this building on Halloween. There’s even an old ghost mule, named Old Coaly, who is said to be the apparition of one of the packs of mules that served in the building of the university in 1855. Penn State must be quite a draw if all these spirits are still drawn to it.