TV – Let’s Talk

This instrument has probably seen a lot of bashing come its way, especially in the last decade. What with all the parents of the then teenagers and young kids, complaining about how it made their children slothful and restless, of how it ended up impairing their vision and pushing them on the verge of being borderline work-shy. No points for guessing, it is the Television.

Well, agreed, none of all this can be out rightly denied. But, let us take the liberty to shed some light on the otherwise unlit (addressed less) face of TV and cinema. How about if we were to take a moment to touch upon the positives that could be the unheeded gift of this media. What would be even better, would be to address the current situation with TV and media. With the advent of the internet, the entire face of media and communication has been redefined. You can reach out to any person miles away with just a click, read live news feeds from the other end of the globe, choose to watch your favorite TV series at your will and convenience and of course as the urban saying now goes, “Netflix and chill”.

So, if you are wondering what I am getting at here, it is that “there are two sides to every coin”. If you have been exposed to the internet, the media and particularly the TV shows that air in the present day, you would be on board with me in a while. What if I told you,

  • Could you learn ethics from a TV show?
  • Could you be transported to a whole new world (virtually of course) by that monitor you own?
  • Would you find clarity about the kind of career you want to make or the kind of person you want to be?

All by means of these so called, “sloth-inducing” shows.

You read it right, all of these and much more are possible.

The makers of TV shows today, like to invest ample amount of time in creating their characters. The story, of course, follows suit. And these characters that they create, mind you, are the ones that are true to today’s world and the ones that will stay with you long after the story sees a full stop. They are well thought out, made with flaws (read real) and as close to the current social creature that we all are or will soon turn out to be. In other words, relatable. Gone are the days, when TV showed characters that were the descendants of angels or otherwise Satan’s child. The audience is not ready to be hoodwinked anymore by such “too good to be true” ideologies. The shows that are designed today require us to make use of our brains and common sense, keeping us guessing and at the edge of our seats. And if that is not an advantage then what is?

When you now spend an hour or two in front of that screen, after watching your favorite series, you end up with some knowledge that you did not have before. It could be a new technology, some going on in the world, an event of historic importance, a new culture from a different land or maybe many times, a certain moral ethic, you never knew could make life easy, if followed.

The storylines and plots are gripping, satisfying to the modern human logic and not to mention, pragmatic. You could easily put yourself in the position the characters in the shows find themselves in. In fact, it would not be wrong to say, you may even have faced a situation such or would so in the near future. There are shows catering to all kinds of audiences, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Students and almost everything else. Almost all of the Television shows created now, offer some or the other life hack to its audience.

So then, is it at all fair to blame the entire creation itself, if we as humans cannot draw a line to prevent ourselves from overdoing anything?

Is it not our duty, as the only intelligent species on planet Earth, to reap the benefits from these works of art, keeping the unwanted at bay?

What piece of life-altering achievement has ever been produced with no disadvantages?

I think it is time to put an end to all the cribbing about the stupid box (an advanced cousin of the idiot box) and unwind in front of some of the best quota of cinema to have been crafted.

Oh well, while you are at it, here are a few shows that you may want to catch up on if you already haven’t.

The Office
House of Cards
Doctor Who