Is Green Marketing A Call Of Revolution In India..?

When we talk about business, ethics are always at high stakes. Marketing of product plays a vital role in the survival of any business, but do they really tell us the truth?

A creative advertisement with a general concept and simple storyline with visual effects as same as that of a movie influences the mind of people in such a way that no matter what the different price there might be as showcased in advertisement and the actual buying price, people buy the product. But this era has been replaced by a new revolution called Green Marketing.

Green marketing began in the early 70’s but did not hold on for much longer and collapsed in the 80’s as the public became aware and started taking the keen interest in damage led to green products and services. Many business entities tried to re improvise their products by labeling them as “eco-friendly”.

The most vital thing in green marketing is that if you want the people to buy your product then you must focus on P-Q-S (i.e price, service and quality).

Today green marketing plays a key function to develop the modern market. It is a way to use environmental benefits of a product or service to promote sales. As of today, we the people are more keen on safeguarding the environment and focus more on products which don’t cause damage to this environmental system no matter what their cost occurs to be.

what are Green Products.?

Green products are that, that have less impact on the eco system, or cause less prone to human beings health, These products could be formed or partly manufactured from recycled components, they could help us conserve energy or we can call it less packaging.

Although having this known still there might space in your thoughts for a tickling noise banging loud in deep conscience and that would be a question stating

Why Green Marketing..?

we the humans are never satisfied with our wants, even if we satisfy our one wants the other one is in the queue to blossom and tickle us every second of our thought, as compared to these wants the availability of the resource is scarce. It is important for the marketing managers to use these resources effectively and efficiently minimizing the waste and achieve the organizations objective.

As there is a rise seen in the interest of people all around the globe to conserve the environment, this evidence shows that consumers are concerned about the world they live in and they are changing their behavior towards it. As a result of this green marketing has emerged once again which speaks for products which carry the value of social responsibility and services.

A few examples of environment-friendly products and services.

  • Cereals sold without excess packaging.
  • Energy efficient tubelights.
  • Paper containing post consumer waste paer.
  • Energy from renewable sources of energy.

The marketers today if they think that conusumers are not aware and are not conserned about the environment. I think its time to Re-think.!

Rethink for the scope and opportunities to boost the performance of the products and gain customer’s loyalty and dominate the price. Green marketing has a lot of potentials to gain a recommendable position in the market.